Bi Folding Doors

Available in either Upvc, Timber  or Aluminium these add the chance to bring the garden into the house or provide seamless access between house and conservatory.

Upvc is the popular choice for the vast majority of installers because of the price, but prospective purchasers need to take into account the amount of frame that will be visible when the doors are shut. Available in all the colours and wood grain finishes to match the windows.

Timber is a more expensive option, and suitable for many properties offering style, multiple factory applied finishes and the beauty of wood.

Aluminium is our recommended choice of materials for these types of doors. Whilst more expensive than Upvc it offers slimmer frames, much larger openings and a choice of 600 colours inside and out. Having been used in this type of door for many years it is a tried and tested product for this type of project